Cold Locals
A modern skate "session"
April 12, 2012 By buraglio

A few years ago I got my board out again. I was in my driveway, at age 34. I’m 37 as of the time of this writing. I wanted to see if I could still do any tricks, or even just kick around without falling down. A few of my old pals, and cold local […]

The Big Brother days…
March 1, 2012 By buraglio

In the very early 1990’s I was a full on skateboarder.  I didn’t care much for high school, college, or working in the video store that employed me.  Those were all just things that took away time from skateboarding. I started at Illinois State University in the fall of 1993 after driving around looking at […]

Cold Locals
Apparently I loved my John Lucero board.
February 4, 2012 By buraglio

When I got into skateboarding in the late 1980’s, it was on a downward trend.  I’d gotten a skateboard in 1984, after the “Back to the Future” hype, but I was still more into BMX in those days and the board really didn’t see much action.  sure, I kicked around on it and rode it […]

Cold Locals

Partying in Clinton, IL in the early 1990’s was synonymous with the skateboarding “scene” there. We had a pretty tight crew and we were always looking to have some fun after a day working at the video store, skating, attending classes or just loafing around. My close friend and future college roommate Anthony had an […]

The BMX days, part 1.
January 30, 2012 By buraglio

Before I was into skateboarding, I, like many others from Clinton, IL, got into BMX. What began as a simple means of transportation became, like so so many other things I did back then, an obsession. I needed to be good at it, I wanted to be the best. Realistically, I was never really very […]

Cold Locals
Cold Locals ‘Zine
January 28, 2012 By buraglio

Cold locals was, and is, one of the things I’m most proud of. It signifies the best of times in a kids life. Doing something you love and making something to show for it. I had totally forgotten that I even made this until a few years ago when I found the proofs in a […]

Cold Locals
Garbage Pile; 1988-1989
January 28, 2012 By buraglio

In 1989, the skateboarders in Clinton and Wapella, IL got their hands on a video camera. Over a few days that summer, we filmed what later came to be known as “Garbage Pile”, or “Ryan’s Bare Ass”. This is the resulting product. Before any judgement is passed and comments are thrown up, bear in mind […]